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Tony Foggia

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I learned really young that when I made kids laugh they didn't hit me. So I got pretty good at being funny for survival.  Even now I can crack a joke in the worst of times.  As a kid I spent 2 summers trying to produce The Wizard of Oz on my back porch and couldn't understand why my sister and friends didn't want to sing and dance in front of the sophisticates of Amsterdam, NY.  For money! Some say I spearheaded the porch theater movement, which I don’t dispute.  Three times in my life the lead dropped out of the play and I was moved up to the lead.  In college, when the lead dropped out and I became Pip in Great Expectations, I learned how to cry onstage by staying up and drinking the whole night before.  (Hey if it worked for Donald O'Connor.) The first time I lived in NYC I did the corporate music thing, while acting and stage managing at night in tiny theaters, some of which were up to code. Then the internet came and ate the music industry and we all spilled out into Times Square clutching rolodexes.  Still not sure why, but I lived in the mountains of Japan for 10 years.  Really.  I eat natto now. I came back to NYC recently and started working in tv just as my face began to fall.  So it’s been fun but disturbing.   


I've had some self-tape auditions in quarantine.  

They're on the Reel page!