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Recently I've created a channel on YouTube and one on Funny or Die. I use these channels to exercise my more silly nature. I've always admired friends who can jump in and out of different characters quickly. They fascinate me. I've always been mesmerized by people like Jonathan Winters, Robin Williams, Don Rickles and many others who have a facility for mimicry. Tracey Ullman also comes to mind. I like to create characters too; but I'm not so adept at changing them in a flash.

People often see me as very serious, down to Earth, pracitcal and rational. And I am all those things. But there is also a part of me that has been performing since childhood and loves to make people laugh.

In the acting business I'm usually cast as a doctor or professor or some other highly educated and serious person. Places like YouTube and Funny or Die are great because they allow me to experiment with comedy and grow my comedic muscles.

Please visit to see my YouTube Channel

and to see my Funny or Die Channel

Thank you for reading.

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