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The apartment I want

For a long time I’ve wanted to live in Long Island City. In one of those new glass towers that have balconies facing Manhattan. That must be the coolest view in town. And I wanted to live up high, in the sky, and sit on my balcony and drink fizzy water. There was this one building that had about 24 floors and wraparound balconies. I fantasized about living there for a long time. Then one day I went to visit a friend who basically had that whole set up: high floor, balcony facing Manhattan. “Can I go out there” I asked. “Sure. Help yourself.” Then I learned the truth.

When you’re up that high and you step outside, the wind is blowing at 75 mph. There could be no air moving at all down on the street. But on 24 it’s gale force winds. So everyone steps out there and instinctively grabs a railing. “Wow! This …… is …… great.” And everyone comes back inside with the same hairdo.

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