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The Trip Sitter

The Trip Sitter

The Reluctant Spiritualist - Enlightenment by Osmosis - 2nd Hand Enlightenment

(It’s like Anger Management meets Fear & Loathing in Las Vegas)

(and I hate saying that)


Zach - (late 30s-late 40s) Ideally a Zach Galifianakis type. Recently divorced,

fallen mega-church pastor, and desperate for income, opens his desert home and

property to various groups on spiritual retreats in exchange for cash. These will

include groups that use Ayahuasca, Peyote, LSD, DMT, mushrooms, etc. Zach is a

man of God who’s motives may be altruistic but are unclear. The retreat members

are all there for a reason - to heal - and Zach and the shaman(s) often spar over the

path to healing in a comedic way; taking shots at the shortcomings in each other’s

philosophy. Zach will also have deep conversations with guests while they are in

the throes of psychedelia, and these conversations will reveal answers to problems

that are troubling Zach.

Pat - (late 30s - early 50s) Zach’s best friend and former mega-church treasurer.

Now a stressed and over-worked Uber driver who spends long hours driving

drunken millennials around town.

Kate - (mid 30s - mid 40s) Zach’s sexy neighbor who is a dog walker, with

different dogs each week. She and Zach have an undeniable chemistry.

Sam - (late 50s - early 70s) older man/woman who supplements a limited fixed

income by selling drugs. A former pharmaceutical rep who was shoved out of the

work force just before retirement age by younger competitors. He/She has an ax to

grind and sells street drugs to elder friends.

Charles - (mid - late 50s; “a decade away from retirement”) survived the recession

by doing the work of 2 men for salary of 1. Charles represents what happens to us

if we don’t change. He struggles to maintain a lifestyle of decades past, believing

that if he plays by life’s “rules”, he will be rewarded in the end. He is constantly

stressed, overworked and yet proclaims to be living his best life. He clings to

status symbols of the past.

Story Line

A young man, and former mega-church star pastor (Zach) decides to open his

desert home to groups of people who are on spiritual/psychedelic journeys.

Desperate for income, he works as a trip sitter, staying sober so his guests can feel

safe while they trip and reach for enlightenment. He is constantly surrounded by

people who are tripping and his conversations with them reveal deep truths about

life and human behavior. These insights often help bring resolutions to conflicts in

Zach’s own life. His proximity to these people and their experiences gives him an

enlightened outlook on life without ever having taken drugs himself. Yet he

remains hesitant to incorporate any wisdom gleaned from the use of psychedelics.

His home business will bring him into contact with users of LSD, Ayahuasca, DMT

and mushrooms. A special by-product of his job is true enlightenment by osmosis.

In the current economic climate, his friends (regulars) include

Uber driver (young man)

dog walker (young woman)

drug dealer (older person)

$uccessful but miserable (Representing economy of the past)

Affirmation cards will be used as chapter breaks or episode titles.

Each group/episode has a leader/shaman that is sometimes a local scam artist.

(guest stars, or possible recurring)

The groups are diverse and from all over the world which gives different takes on

spirituality. (guest stars and co stars)

Certain sitcom standards are observed - what they are, I’ve no idea.

stock (ish) characters

The central character (star) shares the audience POV.

He/She is surrounded by clowns.

The young man, young woman, outsider, older person, wild card, what have you.

Each episode will focus on a theme in the spirituality/self-help universe.




mid-life crisis


extra dimensions

life goals




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