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I Found Myself Playing Bi-Curious Tennis

I play tennis with this firefighter from Yonkers who mentions his age a lot. And he usually mentions it as he’s taking off his shirt. And he’s built. The guy puts in a lot of hours at the gym. He’s always talking about what good shape he keeps himself in, and how he doesn’t look 48. He’s new to tennis so I get that he doesn’t get all the lingo right, but it strikes me as a little on the bi curious side, even if unconsciously. He’ll say things like “you like the two-fisted backhand, right? I can see that you’re into that.” And I’m like, “um, um, in my experience I’ve usually heard it referred to as a two-handed backhand, but yes I use that.” Then he’ll puff out his chest across the net and say “you wanna serve or receive? which do you like better? serving or receiving?” And I’ll say “It doesn’t matter, we’re gonna have to do both.” And he yells “ALRIGHT!”

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