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I'm Still Embarrassed by this SNL experience

Once when I was an extra on SNL I was asked to be the dead body laying inside a chalk outline in one sketch. So during the skit, as I’m laying there with my eyes closed, Sir Patrick Stewart is bending over me with a magnifying glass. Capt. Picard! I was so awestruck. When the skit ended, I heard the last line, I heard the applause, even though my eyes were closed I could tell that the lights were changing. And then someone hit my shoe with a newspaper, and even though that hadn’t happened during rehearsal, I knew that it meant ‘hey extra, the skits over, get outta here’. So I bolted upright and I ran! In any direction. I was like the mouse in a maze. If there was no blockage I ran that way! And there were huge cameras rolling around, cables snaking across the floor, people running in all directions, cause it’s live tv. We have 90 seconds to change everything. People are tearing their costumes off, flats are being slid this way and that way. Now you would think that as an extra, I should exit quickly out the side door. But instead I ran across center stage, and I ran smack into Steven Tyler of Aerosmith. He was walking on stage for his upcoming set. Steven is what the French call petite. I knocked him back on his heels and all of his chains started rattling! I turned and ran away, convinced that I would be escorted from the building.


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