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The Gym Teacher Hated Me - from #SchoolDaze

I’m Pretty Sure it Was My Sense of Fashion

This particular Thursday I ‘forgot’ to bring my gym clothes to school. Woulda been perfect except for what I did wear to wear to school that day. Please remember, at this time the biggest thing on TV - and I mean the biggest - was Donny and Marie. So of course I wore white dress shoes with heels, yellow bell bottoms, and a purple crepe shirt with puffy pirate sleeves. I was hot. I WAS the Donny Osmond of St. Mary’s Institute. So as gym class was going on and everyone was running around with velcro belts for flag football, I was waiting in the corner of the room. I must have touched a railing and made a stretch somehow. Mr. Martuscello suddently shouted from across the room ‘Hey Fudge, what are you supposed to be, a ballerina?


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